Sunday, 1 March 2015

Lamborghini Gallardo Monster Tuned

Lamborghini Gallardo Monster Tuned.

A rather tedious process working with the old Campi ECUs but the final product is sure a rewarding one.

This Gallardo came in pre-tuned measuring about 425WHP and 443NM at the wheels (usual stock power is rated at about 375WHP & 382NM at the wheels). With some perseverance, we were able to safely pull out an extra 12WHP & 16NM at the wheels. Here is a more detailed breakdown of our custom car tune results:

At the wheels:

Pre-tuned base run: 425WHP & 443NM
Monster Tune: 437WHP & 459NM (12WHP & 16NM gains at the wheels)

At the crank (est.):

Pre-tuned base run: 566HP & 589NM
Monster Tune: 581HP & 610NM (15HP & 21NM gains at the crank est.)

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