Tuesday, 14 April 2015

Ferrari F430 Monster Tuned

Unlike some local custom car tuners who rely heavily on tuning files supplied by their overseas counterparts, our years of hard work in R&D has made us self-sufficient; with the ability to provide some of the best tuning files in this region, supplying first-class quality custom tuning files and technical support to local car workshops, local car tuners and to multiple countries in this region.

Here is another awesome result on a Ferrari F430 custom tuned (engine & transmission) on our in-house Mustang AWD Dynamometer:

At the wheels:

Base: 353WHP & 376NM
Monster Tune: 381WHP & 399NM (28WHP & 23NM gains at the wheels)

At the crank (est.):

Base: 469HP & 500NM
Monster Tune: 507HP & 530NM (38HP & 30NM gains at the crank est.)

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