Tuesday, 23 September 2014

Are There Any Disadvantages to Car Tuning?

It depends on what you consider as "disadvantages".

If wear and tear is your general concern, then that largely depends on how you utilize the newly acquired power of your vehicle.

European car tuning in general optimises fuel economy, helping your vehicle consume petrol while achieving optimal power at an efficient level. With our expert tuners at Monster Tune Singapore, we offer you power without the risk of engine damage and the blowout of your engine piston.

Remember though - abusing that extra power may lead to swifter consumption of your brakes, tyres and clutches, but in general there has never been any evidence of increased horsepower being the definite link to car parts and accessories being worn out. Put it this way - even with a lower-powered car, with poor driving and maneuvering habits, your car's brakes, tyres and clutches will wear out anyway.

In summation - if you don't have the budget of an F1 club, then don't drive like an F1 driver.

Luke Skywalker had the coolest weapon in the galaxy - but when he didn't complete his training, he lost a hand. Use the power wisely. : )

May the Force be with you.

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