Friday, 28 November 2014

Competitor Tuned Roc 1.4TSI Retuned (Public Sarcasm is Useless - Results Speak)

Customer had previously complained about a massive "lag" in response. But he was told that it was the characteristics of the twin-charged engine and that the supercharger could not be tuned. The chart below shows massive dips that fell below the stock power curves. This is a clear indication of either hardware issues or a poor tune.

Check out competitor's dyno below

At The Wheels (On Dynojet):

Base: 145HP & 224NM
Competitor Tune: 189HP & 252NM

The customer was then convinced to go for a stage 2 tune at a later stage but again, the massive dips still existed. The customer's stage 2 dyno chart was apparently overwritten and he was unable to retrieve it from the previous tuner's computer. But one can clearly see that the massive dips still existed in our dyno test below. Note the similarities to the dips seen in the dyno chart above (this clearly indicates an honest dyno run done at our end ).

Check out Monster Tune's dyno
At The Wheels (On Mustang):

Competitor's Stage 2 Tune: 177HP & 219NM
Monster Re-Tuned: 183HP & 257NM

One map was all it took for us to fix the dip and all hardware issues were ruled out.

Customer Testimonial

Surfaceboard87 SAYS (from VAGSG.COM):

Hi bros,

I always thought I had advanced my humble 1.4 roc to stage 2 for a good one year, thinking that it was in good hands of a renowned tuner - until one dramatic and eventful night when I went for a drag race with my cousin and friends; who are all on Roc 1.4.

Make a guess on the run with our rides:

1. My stage 2 1.4 roc
2. Stock 1.4 roc with ONLY TMC piggyback setting 8
3. Fully stock 1.4 Roc

To my greatest surprise, I actually lost to the 1.4 with ONLY the piggyback! And the most ironic thing - the stock 1.4 was still coming close to me at the finishing line. I went back to my tuner . He advised that there could be a boost leak and I should get this fixed with him.

I started asking friends with other tuners if they ever faced such problems.. but none did.
My colleague suggested to get a 2nd opinion before going through all the trouble sourcing the main cause of the "leak".

Immediately I brought it to MT - where my colleauge got hers tuned- to do a run on the mustang dyno.

Alvin found the readings strange as there's a sudden dip in torque at low end. Nonetheless, my tuner did explain that the dip was due to the supercharger and nothing can tweaked there.

However, Alvin thought otherwise.

He suspected a hardware issue and nothing about the supercharger. Hence, he got his experienced mechanic to do a full check on my car and realised everything was in place and doing fine.

Alvin next got me to flash back to my original map with my tuner so he could better tell if it were a software or hardware problem. Driving back to MT the following day on my stock map, honestly, I couldn't feel much difference compared to my "stage 2" power.

Adding on to my disappointment, the second run with my stock map on the mustang showed there wasn't such a sharp dip as compared to that on my tune!!

Following that, I left it to Alvin to help resurrect my car with his tune. Surely and expectedly, I must say the gains were impressive!! ***photos attached above****

Once bitten twice shy- I was still abit of skeptical if there was really a difference between MT and my previous tune (where I spent so much $$ on), I decided to bring it out for a ride.

So here I am to conclude my verdict - the ride was mind blowing.

My butt confirmed the gains!
I give it to MT for bringing my car back to life!!

This time, no more turning back. Thanks Alvin and the Monster crew! Kudos.

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