Friday, 28 November 2014

Another Competitor Tuned Scirocco 1.4TSI Monster Tuned

Customer complained about the poor power response (especially at the low end) many times to his previous tuner for over a year but problem was never resolved.

Here is the dyno graph for his previous tune done on a Dynojet Dynamometer: 

Power At The Wheels -
Base: 186WHP & 256NM
Competitor Tune: 203WHP & 293NM

Here is the chart for our tune done on our in-house Mustang Dynamometer with real road and load simulation:
Power At The Wheels-
Competitor Tune: 169WHP & 252NM
Monster Tune: 173WHP & 273NM

Looking at the chart, there are gains of about 20WHP and 30NM at the mid range which helped improved the drivability tremendously.

Here is the testimonial on the drivability:

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