Monday, 26 November 2012

Cracken. Unleashed.

Having a 4WD dyno is important for our business, but having the RIGHT type of future-proof dyno is critically essential for the services we provide.

There are dynos, and then there are Mustang Dynamometers. And believe you me, this is DA one. 

Meet the MD-AWD-150. This is as bad-ass as it can be, and Monster Tune is proud to be the first owner in Singapore.

What's the big deal you may ask? See the yellow thingy? That's the eddy-current system. It allows us to create a real-load inertia so that we get an actual reading on the wheels.Its as close as being on the road, without the hazards. Unlike other inertia based dynos in Singapore, only Mustang dynos have real loading based on the car's weight and other important parameters that we factor in. 

There's also a weather station link-up to provide actual compensation. So no more fairy-tale readings. Some dyno operators will key-in inflated compensation numbers to give you a happy ending. A proper dyno with actual readings is what we are after. If you want fairy-tale numbers, Disneyland might suits you better. ^_^

This dyno is also the ONLY one in Singapore that does:

  • 1/4 Mile Timing
  • 0-100km/h Timing
  • Brake Force Testing
  • Carbon Emissions Testing

All accuracy within 1% tolerance. If you're a car dealer and wish to tune your fleet for lower emissions tax, we have the tools to do just that as well. 

Feel free to buzz us for appointments to hop onto this little blue beast! 

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